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In Matthew 9:35 and following, Jesus shares with a sense of urgency that “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” The faculty and staff at DCC share the mission of raising up workers for the harvest field. But DCC, the church, and the world need more students trained in Christian higher education than ever before. Over the next two years, DCC is asking you to consider partnering with us and making a sacrificial gift to increase scholarships and enhance our facilities.


Kingdom workers are needed who aren’t crippled with massive student debt. DCC scholarships go directly to helping attract student leaders to Christian higher education and assisting them with staying in school. YOU can help with the urgency that Jesus expressed in Matthew 9 through your generosity to the NOW Campaign.


Additional space is also needed for the overall student body, such as a larger chapel space, expanded dining areas, exercise, and training facilities, as well as student activity areas. These enhanced community and athletic facilities are needed to help with educating and mentoring students and student-athletes.